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Discovering Your Type of Mentor (EP 20)

During this episode, You Me and Your Top Three host, Gregg Garrett, takes a short pause from interviewing guests to reflect on what we’ve heard over the first twenty weeks of the podcast. He breaks down the growth of the podcast in over 30 countries, discusses the patterns that have been observed around six types of advisors, discusses virtual versus real life mentors, and talks about the power of mentor to mentor networking.

Show Highlights

Segment 1: Overview

0:58        19 leaders. 20 episodes. Countless learnings.

2:14        My thesis: Great leaders surround themselves with great leaders, diverse ones!

3:25        Upcoming episodes: continuing on with more diversity.

4:30        My request to listeners: recommend podcast guests! (Gregg’s email)

Segment 2: Discussing the types of leaders from our leaders

5:15        Leader Type 1: The top leader in an industry or a function.  (Been there, done that – Learn How).

7:19        Leader Type 2: The formal coach. (Pushes you and draws the best from you.)

8:44        Leader Type 3: Executive leaders and investors. (Control the resources and help you to look “out” vs. “in”).

10:29      Leader Type 4: Centering Individuals. (Help you to remember “Why” you lead).

13:06      Leader Type 5: Battle-mates. (Building you a base for success today, as you drive for tomorrow.)

  • Example: EP 18 – Ed Rybicki praises how his co-workers center him as he drives a style of service leadership

14:12      Leader Type 6: Reality-checkers. (People that ground your dreams onto a platform that helps them get traction)

  • Example: EP 5 – Elie Finelgold talks about his former CO), Pat Pott, who kept him grounded to begin to live the dream.
    • Example: EP 12 – John Paul speaks about coaching the boss, and the tension in dreaming while trying to win today.

Segment 3: Some other early findings

15:41      The importance of reverse mentorship.

17:18      The role of the virtual mentor.

19:45      How the mentor-to-mentor relationship is continuing to be built.

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