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The Power of Bravery (EP 11)

Four year entrepreneur and global coffee trend expert, Max Feber, joins Gregg Garrett to discuss his company, BRUW, and his experience with creating a product, launching a company, pitching on Shark Tank, and receiving investment and advice from experienced leaders like Mark Cuban. Max discusses how surrounding himself with people who give him pointed feedback – both good and bad – are the gifts of his learning process and says the secret to motivating high-potential GenZ-ers like himself is to give them a lot of responsibility and room to succeed. Max even lets us in on how the best advice he has received from his most well-known mentor came in simple a package – a three word text.

AbouT Max Feber

Max Feber is a Shark Tank featured entrepreneur who invented a new way to make cold brew coffee when he was only 15. He is the CEO of BRUW.

 Show Highlights

Segment 1: Intro, Background, and Forming a firm.

1:17        The new opportunity for cold brew is emerging.

2:46        How Max turned his love for coffee into a passion for the industry.

4:45        What led to the invention of the BRUW filter and its debut on Shark Tank.

5:57        The mind of a maker led to the creation of a product.

8:44        Combining education with entrepreneurship – Max’s continued education journey at Babson College.

Segment 2: Brave Leadership & the “Top Three”

9:22        Max’s Top Three: His Parents (David Feber & Susan Feber) – Try without worrying about failure.

11:49      Max’s Top Three: Startup Business Contacts (Hanson Grant) – Not all advice has been useful but it all has been appreciated.

15:50      Max’s Top Three: Mark Cuban (his team and his portfolio) (Website. Blog. Twitter.)

18:15      The best advice Max has received from Mark Cuban? “Do it personally”.

Segment 3: Disruption in Industry

22:30      Millennials and GenZ-ers buying “indie” products is disrupting industries.

25:15      Two additional trends impacting industries: At-home “making” and sustainability concerns.

27:56      How BRUW is harnessing the subscription model with a product that doesn’t require frequent ordering.

Segment 4: Needed Capabilities

30:27      The importance of finding the right partners to scale: “Partners that are small-er and growing and understanding what it is like to grow are really valuable partners for us.” (BRUW Partner: SR Injection Molding)

35:05      The benefit of being hands-on with partners: Being agile and able to pivot immediately to do something different. (BRUW fulfillment center: Selery)

40:04      Becoming your class’s case study – Professor Brad Johnson.

Segment 5: Wrapping Up

41:30      BRUW’s next step – consumer expansion and new distribution models.

44:10      Max’s advice for those employing individuals like Max (GenZ-ers): “Give us freedom”.

47:57      “Entrepreneurship does not function within a bureaucracy.”

50:44      Follow BRUW on social platforms and check out Cold Brew Season to keep up on products, promotions, and news.

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