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Tags: Bravery

Mastering Understanding (Gregg Garrett Solocast) – EP 108

To Master Understanding: Join Gregg Garrett, host and CGS Advisors CEO, during this solocast as he discusses the skill of mastering understanding of the problem and environment before you jump to solutioning. Gregg addresses the need to empathically understand the problem to build the trust necessary to truly have an effective solution. He also speaks […]

Work Hard and Be Kind (wsg Jerry Cox) – EP 85

In this episode, Gregg speaks with Jerry Cox, a 95-year-old entrepreneur who has lived at least three careers over his lifetime. From serving in world war II, to attending MIT, and then moving into the medical device industry, the digital networking industry, and now the cybersecurity industry, Jerry has taken the world by storm. Of […]

Reaching the Tipping Point (EP 36)

During this episode, You Me and Your Top Three host and CGS Advisors CEO, Gregg Garrett, takes a short pause from interviewing guests to reflect on 2019 and the evolution of IoT. Gregg speaks about three main topics: 1) observations from working in IoT and the ever-connecting world, 2) how this year has been a […]

When Bravery Pays Off (EP 30)

During this episode, You Me and Your Top Three host, Gregg Garrett, speaks with Steve Tack, SVP, Product Management at Dynatrace – a technology giant that is part of the backbone of many of the most well-known brands in this digital world. Steve shares the journey that took the company from a small division of […]

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