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Our Approach: Responding to Disruption

Industries are being disrupted. Organizations must transform in order to compete. Leaders must bravely drive this “First Mile” of Transformation in order to overcome inertia.  CGS Advisors focuses on assisting our clients to navigate the transformation journey.

Through many years of experience and research we have developed the CGS Advisors Transformation Framework that acts as the underpinning of our engagements and helps us to structure our advice. Each transformation journey is unique, however the patterns in each are not. Our Managing Director gives a quick overview of the framework in the video below.

Download your copy of the CGS Transformation Framework:

Learn More and Discuss the CGS Transformation Framework

If you would like to speak with CGS Advisors about your industry disruption and the ensuing transformation, email us at info@cgsadvisors.com

A Field Guide for Business Disruption

CGS is always interested in supporting leaders in their unique transformation. As a boutique advisory firm, CGS cannot work with all clients around the world. As such, CGS leaders, Gregg Garrett and Dr. Warren Ritchie, captured a detailed explanation of some of the keys to dealing with disruption in the best selling business book, Competing in the Connected World. We hope you can use as a field guide to navigate your transformation journey.