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Our Team

We believe people are at the center of it all...

As a team, we are believers that the connected future is bright, and that people want to overcome inertia to be part of it. We are brave transformational advisors that respectfully tell the truth & challenge the status quo. We are passionate about solving complex and meaningful problems. We help our clients make dreams a reality. We are partners in imagining the path and assisting our clients to run the first mile.

…and we are fortunate to have a bunch of great ones on our team!

Interested in joining our team? Email us at:  careers@cgsadvisors.com

The CGS Fellows Network

The CGS Fellows Network is a group of CGS’ most experienced and uniquely skilled leaders. These seasoned professionals bring expertise in strategic transformation, IoT, cross-functional restructuring, innovation, connected technologies, Industry 4.0, organizational design, and more. This group has learned from several career pivots and have walked in the firm’s client’s shoes.

Gregg Garrett
Founder and CEO
Ty Beltramo
Brandon Curry
Tim McCabe
Warren Ritchie, PhD
Director and Practice Leader
Brian Suszek
Angie Tuglus