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Transforming a Giant (EP 16)

During this episode, we speak with a digital transformation expert who operates on a global stage. Falk Bothe carries responsibility for driving transformations and developing the top forty leaders for the Volkswagen Group – one of the largest companies in the world. In his role, Falk helps top executives cut through the inertia of a […]

Readying The Workforce For Industry 4.0 (EP 15)

During this episode, we discuss how data stemming from products is at the heart of industry disruption. Our special guest, Chris Pesola, is a Chief Information Officer for a cloud-based software company that is helping transform the manufacturing industry. In his role, Chris is enabling manufacturing companies to compete in the next industrial revolution which […]

Fighting Fatherlessness (EP13)

During this episode, we discuss one of the most important and impactful leadership roles that exists – the father/child relationship. This week’s guest, Justin Batt, is an expert in the father/child relationship and has spent more than 13,000 hours researching and living the role. He is the author of the bestselling book Daddy Saturday and […]

Joyfully Running with the Bulls (EP 12)

During this episode, we dive deep inside the business of sports and discuss innovative approaches to leadership through the lens of a top-tier professional sports coach. John Paul (JP), coach of the Atlas Lacrosse Club of the PLL and one of the top coaches in the game, is a transformation and startup specialist who shares […]

The Power of Bravery (EP 11)

Four year entrepreneur and global coffee trend expert, Max Feber, joins Gregg Garrett to discuss his company, BRUW, and his experience with creating a product, launching a company, pitching on Shark Tank, and receiving investment and advice from experienced leaders like Mark Cuban. Max discusses how surrounding himself with people who give him pointed feedback […]


About this Episode As the original chief architect of the lifesaving and the most widely used telematics platform in the world (OnStar), and the CTO for several of the most widely used navigation (and marketing insight) platforms that likely guided you on your most recent appointment, Ty Beltramo understands technological driven disruption. He walks us […]

The Top Five Percent (EP9)

About this Episode Dr. Graeme Harper reflects on how he transformed from surf bum to globally known PhD.  As the dean of one of the world’s fastest growing honors colleges, he is an expert in developing leaders.  He speaks about how to market, manage, and motivate the world’s top talent. From ed-tech to student debt […]

Flying Above it All (EP8)

About this Episode Jon Rimanelli discusses how he and his firm, ASX,  addresses urban congestion to help fulfill the promise of mobility services as a time saver.  Jon gives incredible detail to the approach he’s taking by applying mass market supply chain methods from the automotive industry and applying them to the short-range aerospace industry. […]


About this Episode George Baker gives us an in-depth walkthrough of his journey from his early beginnings as employee of his family business to entrepreneur, to making incredible strides in the parking tech industry. George presents key details surrounding his parking operation, technology company, ParkHub and the evolution of shifting from consumer business model to […]