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Tags: Transformation

Treat Yourself (wsg David Callado) – EP 142

TREAT YOURSELF | David Collado, President of Happy Howie’s, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss defining your own path. Of course, David speaks about his Top 3, including his business partner, Stan, and members of his leadership team: Harold, Kathleen, Douglas, and Wayne. And you have to hear what he has to say about his […]

Success By Accident (wsg Kevin Schnieders)

KEVIN SCHNIEDERS | Kevin Schnieders, CEO of EDSI, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss success and why your attitude towards success may be the differentiator. Kevin also admits he has been accidentally successful in his career. Of course, Kevin speaks about his Top 3, including his father, who provided the platform for his success; his […]

Criss Cross the Desert (wsg Dr. Lara Ramdin)

LARA RAMDIN, Chief Innovation Officer at Dole, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss the paths to careers in innovation. As a seasoned innovator in multiple industries, Lara also highlights how she has found a passion for tackling innovative solutions to battle food deserts. Of course, Lara speaks about her Top 3, including her former colleagues […]

Why Fear Failure? – EP 135

WHY FEAR FAILURE? | Join Gregg Garrett, host and CGS Advisors CEO, during this solocast as he challenges listeners to question how they view failure and discusses how remaining in the fear of failure can prevent you and your business from innovating. Gregg also highlights how breaking free from fear and being a true leader […]

Guided Journeys (wsg Scott Schoeneberger) – EP 131

Guided Journeys | Scott Schoeneberger, Managing Partner of Bluewater Technologies Group, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss his guided journey through his multi-faceted events and technology integration business. Of course, Scott speaks about his Top 3, including his parents and uncle who encouraged different world views, perspectives, and a sense of innovative thinking, his first […]

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