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Success is not an Accident (Solocast) – EP 101

Join Gregg Garrett, host and CGS Advisors CEO, during this solocast as he celebrates the 101st episode of You, Me, and Your Top Three! Gregg discusses the six different types of advisory board members you can have, the four typical styles of mentoring they may bring, and provides tips on how you can start building your own virtual advisory board today.

About Gregg Garrett

Greggory R. Garrett is the CEO and Managing Director of CGS Advisors, a boutique strategy and innovation advisory firm that works with senior leaders at public companies and select private organizations. He is a dynamic and experienced international keynote speaker, an adjunct professor of business and engineering, the host of the “You, Me, and Your Top Three” podcast, and author of the best-selling business leadership book, Competing in the Connecting World. Having addressed audiences from 20 to upwards of 1500 people in public and private/corporate events, Gregg is at his best when he can focus on industry shaping & transformational topics.

Prior to launching CGS Advisors, Gregg was the Chief Strategy Officer for IT & Innovation at Volkswagen Group of America. Before his time with VW, Gregg led corporate strategy & marketing for a division of Deutsche Telekom and was part of Ernst & Young’s Management Consulting practice. He is a visionary leader who prides himself in recognizing commonsense solutions for complex problems and supports “Corporate Bravery” by motivating teams to reach well beyond the typical boundaries to achieve greatness.

Show Highlights

Celebrating passing the century mark! [0:50]

Being known by the company you keep [3:25]

Understanding the ‘Network Effect’ [7:30]

Reflecting on patterns in who successful leaders surround themselves with [11:35]

Building your own virtual advisory board [23:25]

Additional Information

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