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Building the Industrial Carnival (WSG Bruce Smith) – Ep 155

Bruce Smith, majority shareholder, Chairman, and CEO of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, joins host Gregg Garrett to discuss how the connected world rewards speed and flexibility. Bruce shares his “Top 3”: Ben Meachem, who blends an understanding of people and clarity of problems to lead; Kristy McDonald, who understands the dynamics between leaders; Scott Cieslak, who can receive feedback and truly become better from it, and his wife, Michelle, who specializes in pulling thorns. And you have to hear about how he draws big circles to include others and how he suggests leaders must balance the 4P Accounts.


During this episode:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:24) Importance of speed and seamlessness

(07:09) Meet Bruce

The “Top Three”:

(10:51) Ben Meachem: blends an understanding of people and clarity of problems to lead

(18:33) Kristy McDonald: understands the dynamics between leaders

(31:56) Scott Cieslak: can receive feedback and truly become better from it

(40:37) Bruce’s wife, Michelle: specializes in pulling thorns

Other Points of Interest:

(42:54) What does DMS do?

(50:13) An agile approach

You Have to Hear This:

(53:58) Draw big circles to include others, and the 4P Accounts


Bruce Smith: LinkedIn | Email

Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS): DMS Website | DMS LinkedIn | DMS Facebook | DMS Instagram

Gregg Garrett: LinkedIn | Twitter | About

CGS Advisors: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter


Bruce Smith, a manufacturing industry expert with 30 years of proven experience in building superior teams, increasing profitability and accelerating growth, consistently and substantially improves enterprise value at every organization he leads. Smith is chairman and chief executive officer of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, a large-scale component manufacturer for global brands with 1,200 team members in Detroit, Mich., and $1 billion in annual revenue.

Before joining DMS, Smith worked closely with leading private equity firms and entrepreneurs, holding key executive management positions, including president and CEO of BTM Company, a global leader of precision engineered tooling and production equipment for sheet metal clinching, piercing and inserted fastener applications. With Smith at the helm, BTM grew nearly 40 percent in a three-year period.
Previously, Smith served as president and CEO of Elyria & Hodge Foundries, a provider of highly engineered castings, president and CEO of automotive supplier Piston Group, a modular assembler of automotive components, president and COO of Guilford Mills, a supplier of automotive interior fabrics, and president and COO of United Plastics Group, an engineered injection molding company. In these roles, he significantly grew revenues and profitability by developing “blue ocean” strategies and implementing lean manufacturing methods.  Most recently, Bruce received the highly esteemed honor of being elected to the Board of Directors for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, one of the region’s largest and most influential forces powering the economy for Southeast Michigan.

Smith holds an MBA from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.

The married father of four enjoys spending time with his family, reading, athletics, music and travel.

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