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Blurring Diverse Industries (wsg Nils Wollny) – EP 105

Information is the Great Blurring Agent: Host Gregg Garrett is joined by Nils Wollny, co-founder and CEO of Holoride, for a discussion on how his firm is bringing together diverse industries to create new experiences. Nils of course shares his Top Three ranging from a dynamic duo of creative explorers to a career long friendship forged in the trenches of early career escapades to a soulmate who pushes him beyond typical boundaries. And you have to hear what he says about seeking euphoric problem solving.

About Nils Wollny

Nils Wollny brings extensive experience in strategy, digital business, and innovation to his current role as CEO of holoride, a spin-out from Audi focusing on the next generation of in-car entertainment. Nils’ passion for mobility and media led him to co-found holoride in 2018, and since then, holoride has been named the “Best of CES 2019” and acknowledged by TIME Magazine as one of the “The 100 Best Inventions of 2019.”

Additionally, Nils was recently named a “Rising Star” for 2020 by Automotive News Europe. In 2018, German Automobilwoche acknowledged him as a “40 under 40” high-potential manager. Prior to co-founding holoride, Nils led one of Europe’s leading digital agencies as Managing Director before joining Audio as Head of Digital Business. In this role, he was responsible for digital services and platforms.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Data: A great industry blurring agent [1:05]

Identify where additional value is for your industry with the data you have [5:35]

Welcome guest, Nils Wollny [6:38]

The “Top Three”

Holoride: How they’re using data to create a unique experience in mobility [12:50]

Philipp Kafkoulas and Stefan Förster: The dynamic duo of creative explorers [20:40]

Marcus Foag: A friendship forged in the trenches of early career escapades [30:38]

Catharina Wollny: His soulmate who pushes him beyond typical boundaries [43:33]

Transformation & Disruption

Stepping out of a corporate role into the startup role [49:57]

Screens to be replaced by special computing [54:10]

You have to hear this…

“Happiness comes from solving problems” [57:52]

Additional Information

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