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CGS’ Thought Leadership on the Connected World highlighted in recent article

CGS’ Thought Leadership on the Connected World highlighted in recent article

Next Magazine explores firm’s top selling book; discusses need for bravery and perspective by leaders in today’s business landscape

Media Contact: Sara Govan, CGS Advisors, Sara.Govan@cgsadvisors.com

Bloomfield Twp., Mich. — June 3, 2019 — CGS Advisors, a boutique strategy and innovation firm that assists corporate leaders in being brave and readying clients for the connected world, was recently highlighted in the May Issue of Next Magazine. In an article titled, “Leadership in the Connecting World”, CGS’ CEO and founder Gregg Garrett highlights how the connecting world is a transformative journey requiring bravery and perspective on the part of business leaders. Specifically addressing topics covered in the firm’s recently released book Competing in the Connecting World: The Future of Your Industry is Already Here.

As the article states, “The signs of the Connected World are all around us, multiplying and innovating all the time. IoT [Internet of Things] represents a sea change for industries everywhere, and the speed at which IoT and all its related technologies are moving is unprecedented… So, how many business leaders are taking steps to modify their products or services and prepare their companies to compete in this new, hyper-connected world? Not enough.”

According to Garrett, “The speed in which a lot of this change is going to occur means that most companies really can’t afford, or shouldn’t choose to afford, to wait to start preparing for it… This doesn’t mean they have to switch their entire revenue model overnight, but if they believe we’re on the trajectory of a Connected World, leaders should start preparing their capabilities to operate in this environment. They need to start their transformative journey now.”

Additionally, Garrett notes in the article the capabilities that once made an executive successful are not the same capabilities they should rely on moving forward in the connecting world.

“Executives can’t follow the same playbook in the Connected World, even if it’s been wildly successful.”

“The Connected World is bursting with possibilities and opportunities for businesses. It’s also shrouded in mystery because we can’t predict what life in a connecting world will be like entirely.”

Also in the article, Garrett mentions executives needing to realize “they’re facing the same type of technology disrupting patterns and strategic themes their business predecessors faced decades ago.”

“Going from the horse and buggy to the automobile required learning an entirely new and foreign technology. The transportation and ancillary markets were completely transformed, and you had to decide how your company was going to compete and which capabilities were needed to make it happen,” Garrett said.

Garrett concluded, “Leaders in the Connected World aren’t the first to take a transformative journey like ours. They just need to be brave and start moving.”

To read the full Next Magazine article, view page 26 here.

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