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Genuinely Curious (wsg Tammy Hahn) – EP 119

Genuinely Curious: Tammy Hahn, Chief Product Officer at Groundswell, joins host Gregg Garrett for a discussion on how to approach product management as well as how her new firm is looking to disrupt the non-profit industry. Of course, Tammy shares her Top Three who include her father who shows her how to drive rediscovery, her coworker turned spouse who is the yin to her yang and pushes her to be brave, and her product management teams that give her the 360-degree view of leadership she needs. And you have to hear what she has to say about using scheduling reminders to make you a better leader.

About Tammy Hahn

Tammy Hahn is known as many things: Mother, Wife, Product leader, Technologist, First-generation Chinese American. She is a vision-led, experimentation-driven Product leader & strategist that’s passionate about building delightful products that solve real-world problems for customers and users. Tammy is currently Chief Product Officer and Founding Team Member at Groundswell, a new start-up sitting at the intersection of Fintech and Philanthropy aiming to revolutionize the way individuals and corporations approach social impact to solve for the most pressing issues of our time. She previously led Product for Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading human capital and talent management SaaS provider, where she took the company from $40M ARR through IPO to over $850M ARR and built a Product organization from a team of six to over 100 globally organically and through acquisitions.

Show Highlights

During this episode:

Fanning the flames of discovery [1:01]

Real creativity is seeing things in a different way than others do – creative connectivity [4:40]

Challenge: build creativity into your daily routine [7:35]

Welcome guest, Tammy Hahn [8:12]

The best time in life – deeply exploring what would make her happy [11:30]

The “Top Three”

Her Father: Find something fulfilling and go after it [13:26]

Andrew Hahn: Being a rock, providing guidance and being an enabler of success. [19:40]

Product Management Colleagues: The most important feedback is the feedback you receive from your team members / direct reports [24:40]

Great product managers fall in love with the problem they are solving, not the solution [28:00]

Transformation & Disruption

Groundswell: changing the face of philanthropy [34:50]

Groundswell Co-founders: Joe Marchese, Adam Miller & Jake Wood [36:12]

The purpose-driven mission [39:10]

There needs to be a disruption in how people perceive non-profits [43:58]

Groundswell is hiring! [48:44]

You have to hear this…

Be a calendar reminder freak [49:30]

Stay in touch with Tammy via LinkedIn! [51:16]

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