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Happy New Year…What a Year We Are in For!

So it is 11 days past the new year.  The Mayan’s were wrong.   The world didn’t stop.  Not only has the earth kept spinning, but it is probably more connected than ever!

Well before the holiday we contributed once again to Connected World Magazine.  We called out a few trends we saw emerging in 2013.  Well we are a whole 11 days in….tell us what you think.  Have we gotten it correct so far?

Take a read here.  And come back to this post and let us know what you think:

  • Is the “Maker Movement” accelerating to the point that corporations should be paying attention?
  • Is it moving well beyond “apps” into many other products?
  • Is it just a matter of time before “ultra personalization” touches your business?
  • Will external Market Facing and Internal IT leadership alike need to keep their heads up as the customization of “Connected Devices” begin to entrench themselves into work and life?

Regardless if we are spot on, or only directionaly correct, 2013 looks exciting from where we stand.

Keep disrupting.  No Regrets!