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Innovation Changes in the Connected Era Mini Post

We will keep this post a bit shorter than our standard contribution at CGS Advice. This time we have it easy though, we have already included a lot of our thoughts in a recently released article. The print edition doesn’t come out until Sept, but you can get a sneak peek digitally right here: http://connectedworld.com/disrupting-innovation/ (If you are a feel the paper type, it will be at the Barnes & Noble newstand.)

Inside you will see we explore a bit on how innovation has to change in the connected era. The reason….well that is simple, when the environment is altered, the way you innovate inside of it needs to also shift. The world is connecting:

  • People to people
  • Things to things
  • People to things/Things to People

Innovation can and does still happen at any one of those touchpoints. In its micro silo. But the game changing innovation. The systemic changes that really get our attention, and that we at CGS are proud to contribute to, well they happen on the fringe of the well-known silos. That is where real innovation occurs.

Let us know what you think!

No regrets!