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Our Team

We believe people are at the center of it all...

We spend a lot of time advising clients on strategies and innovations.  We apply an architectural lens to understand how enterprises fit together.  We forecast how technology will continue to connect the world.  Our experience tells us however, that the best strategies mean nothing if not implemented by motivated people, that the most complex system to innovate are the ones that touch people, and that center of the connected world is still very human.

…and we are fortunate to have a bunch of great ones on our team!

Gregg Garrett
Founder and CEO
Warren Ritchie, PhD
Director and Practice Leader
Scott Dhesi
Senior Marketing Consultant
Angie Fisher
Consultant, Strategy Services
Amy Garrett
Manager, Finance and Back Office
Sara Govan
Consultant, Strategy Services
Bill Graca
Senior Manager, Strategy Services
Jonathan Hartline
Senior Manager, Strategy Services
Kristen Ige
David Livingston
Mgr., Connected Enterprise Services
Emily Merkle
Consulting Intern
Elizabeth Semrau
Senior Consultant, Strategy Services
Tara Taylor
Melissa Tebedo
Senior Consultant, Strategy & Innovation